the art of awe

Art of awe is a process.


A technique of transforming suffering into wisdom.


It has been my experience that consciousness practices are a portal to health and creativity. That said, I am not a purist. Meditation is a threshold into deeper self-knowledge, and there are many ways to get there.  

My work is based in yoga, ayurveda, western herbal medicine, astrology and mindfulness. I work privately with individuals, couples, and communities, teaching consciousness studies that are suited for modern times. I am an experienced teacher, mentor, and healer. 

I specialize in supporting those going through significant life transitions and transformations after loss. I am also skilled at guiding people towards their life-purpose through astrology and dharma work. My meditation courses, books (coming soon), trainings and retreats are the platforms through which you may choose to work with me. 

Lastly, I came to this work through my own journey with suffering. I am familiar with grief after tragedy. Loss of self and identity. Depression and Anxiety. Familial trauma. I am radically devoted to the social concerns surrounding women's health and sovereignty, and continue to contribute to the empowerment of femininity through Art of Awe.

Art of Awe

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