Hello Dreamers, 

Foundational to my teaching philosophy is the belief that you have the personal authority to transform anything you wish to in your life.

Shamanic Journey Meditation is one of my favorite practices for accessing the inner teacher, your spirit or intuition.

In this course, you will be introduced to the imaginative and soul nurturing power of Shamanic Journey.

Through this practice, you will learn how to channel helping spirits in the form of animals, ancestors, and spiritual teachers. You will explore the three traditional realms or worlds in Shamanic tradition, and you will work with the medicine wheel/seasons.  


​This Meditation Kit is downloadable and you have access to it for life.

You will explore:

- Shamanic Worlds and Realms

- Portals and Thresholds

- Four Directions and the Elements

- The importance of Creativity

- Your Shadow and your Spirit 

Join me for this powerful practice. 

Love + Light, 


Sound + Dream Meditation Kit


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