January 2020


Each month I come to this cyber-space to reflect on something meaningful to me that also bears usefulness in terms of personal growth. I write with the intention of sharing from a deeply honest and unapologetic space inside my heart. So please, take what you wish and leave the rest.

To be sensitive is to be aware of the shimmers and the shadows. 


The subtleties and nuances of nature and the other.  


Sensitivity is our threshold into the deep intimacy, eroticism, and meaning we seek out of life.

We tune our sensitivity in the container of stillness, witnessing the circle of possibility that presents itself by virtue of life's demands.


Through the practice of watching patiently, we are able to hold space for the entirety of our experience, and after some time, we begin to transform pain into understanding. 

Creativity is Dharma's force peeling its way into existence. It is neither narcissistic nor shallow to channel your art into the material realm. We must assume, that if something essential is moving through us, it is for exposing responsibly. 

Sensitivity is not shy. She is soft. There's a difference.

We are walking into a new year and a new decade.


A time to clarify what is both healthy and expansive.


What is regenerative and what is possible. 

And in order to grow, we must cease numbing what is our best source of insight.


Your maturation is in your tenderness. 

The area where I see a great potential for us to develop our deep sensitivity, is through intimacy. 

Sexuality is shadowy because we tend to eroticize what hurts us.

There is great duality in our desire for both comfort and freedom. For intimacy and space. For pleasure and pain. 

In honor of cultural expansion I want to encourage you to look deeply at what you eroticize and what you criticize and with great ego-less sensitivity begin to let down your veil to revolutionize your pleasure. 

Embrace your shadow. Widen your stance. Let the Aquarian winds bump you up against someone worth leaning into. Walk away from those who sit in arrogance, glancing downward on your potential. Love will bolster you up towards what is luminous and light, no matter how broken the landscape. 


With Love,


Art of Awe


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