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In the face of COVID19 I recognize that everyone is taking in a lot of information. It is not my intention to contribute to this influx. As it can be confusing and irritating when so many narratives are dancing around in our astral centers. That said, there are a few consciousness experts out there who I look to for guidance on difficult issues such as our current cultural, environmental, economic, and spiritual condition. So I am providing links to some resources at the bottom of this page. 

Here's a quick reflection on what I am chewing on in my practice right now. 


I see the desire for power playing out on Social Platforms. With wellness professionals racing to create the perfect online program to herbal companies selling products that are not GMP approved and lying about said product's effectiveness for fighting coronavirus; there has never been a better time to practice discernment. Discernment is defined by our ability to see through to the reality of things. It's the art of accepting people and stories at face value. 




Our shadows love quietude, isolation, and fear. Whether you are home alone, with your partner or difficult housemates, my guess is your shadow has made an appearance. It is important to give your shadow some attention, instead of raging, taking vodka shots, or binge watching Pandemic on Netflix, it's really important to give her/him a little compassionate presence. 




It is difficult right now to know who to trust. What narrative will we adopt? Is it the story of imminent global danger? Is it the conspiracy narrative? Or is it the fanatically positive one? 

Inherent Goodness

As absurd as I find Donald Trump to be at times, I am witnessing him do his best. In my lifetime, I have not witnessed an incident like this that evokes the truly remarkable tenderness of humankind. 



Morgan Kulas


Art of Awe

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