A mentor is a teacher in whom you can place your implicit trust. The word comes from the character in The Odyssey to whom Odysseus entrusted the care of his house and the education of his son. Today, the role of Mentor is surprisingly crucial in a range of life situations, from many forms of artisanship to business, and spiritual practice. Mentors do more than just teach; they pass on wisdom and refine their students character. A trustworthy mentor is a conduit for your growth.

what we can address together


Transform physical, mental, and emotional pain into understanding and wisdom. 


Clarify what matters most to you.

Let go of the rest.


Learn to name, respect, and share your emotional self.

The Heart

Strengthen your Heart through the cultivation of compassion, loving-kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude. 


Surrender to the power of presence.

Make helpful choices.


Discover your purpose through creative unblocking.

Food + Herbs

Balance your energy, hormones, sleep cycle, and weight through Ayurveda and Western Herbal Medicine. 

Mind-Body Practices

Establish personal rituals that impassion your daily life and relationships. 


Tune your voice through communication practices.


In my Healing and Mentorship offerings, we will focus on restoring connection to your higher self as you journey through sacred transitions and transformations.

I work with a variety of techniques ranging from nurturing dialogue to mind-body practices to creative unblocking. My approach to therapy is rooted in the Vedic sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Jyotish as well as Western Herbal Medicine - although I am inspired by many traditions and philosophies. I have an alternative education and practice by choice. 


My intention is to support you in tapping into the rich source of healing already within you. I share this mind-body-spirit approach from lived experience and with respect for you. 

My mission is to support the flowering of your most authentic and joyful self through deep personal and spiritual support. Healing and Mentorship is an option if you would like guidance with any of the following:

- Stress

- Anxiety

- Career

- Grief and Loss

- Dependency Issues

- Creative Unblocking

- Disordered Eating

- Financial Abundance

- Work/Life Balance

- Personal Fulfillment

- Family Issues

- Leadership


Technology makes it possible for me to provide Mentorship/Nurturing Dialogue over the phone. 

phone sessions

I offer private Healing and Mentorship at my practice space in Edwards, CO. I can also travel to you. 

in-person sessions

Connect with your Inner Teacher through one of my well loved meditation courses. 


want to connect?
What emotions are you currently struggling with?
Where do you feel stuck?

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