Hi, my name is Morgan.

A little about me...

Professionally, I work as an artist and therapist. 


Personally, I am a seeker of truths and a student of life. 

I was introduced to Yoga and Meditation in 2005 as a young professional in the arts. This was before the big yoga boom we are familiar with today. I pursued practice as a means to develop my craft and keep my body and mind healthy in the demanding field of professional acting and dance performance. I became a devoted student and in 2011, I began my teaching journey. 


My practice and teachings are grounded in ecology and humanology; the exploration of relationships between human beings and their environments. 


Some days I gravitate towards long holds in asanas, buoyed up by props. Other days I love a sweaty flow and the curiosity of my edge. 


As a movement artist and teacher, I bring to the studio a lifetime of training in classical and contemporary dance as well as considerable study in Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, and Meditation.  

As a child, I spent ample hours standing on my head, reading books, and staring aimlessly at things. I am radically devoted to the social concerns surrounding women's health and sovereignty, and continue to contribute to the empowerment of femininity through Art of Awe.


I am introverted, anxious, creative, strong, intuitive, and sensitive. I love to learn, and I love to surround myself with others (like you) who love to learn. 

I have trained with many great teachers including Dr. David Frawley, Gurupriya Beth Sanchez, Jeremy Wolf, Cheryl Deer, Anne Hart, Saraphina Mesmer, Hansa Knox, Mike Ninomiya, Surya Little, Yoshi Nakano, and Dr. Aviva Romm. I am registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500 E-RYT. 

My purpose in this lifetime is to transform suffering into wisdom. Suffering and I have an intimate relationship, and I am not afraid of the depths. Let's journey in together. 

Shall we?

"You were a guiding light for my undeveloped yet budding practice and a nurturing influence for my seeking soul and mind. You made me look at myself and helped me have a greater appreciation of who I am. In my time with you I've learned to forgive myself along with others. I've become aware of enjoying 'this moment' and how to savor it without looking to the past or future as being better. Thank you isn't a big enough word for all you've done for me."



"Morgan stands out as having exceptional abilities to connect with others on deep levels and to work on her own personal growth. Morgan is both strong and sensitive, having the ability to intuit what is going on with those around her and then holding space for them or taking action as appropriate. She is very engaging and fully present in her interactions and has a unique ability to connect and engage deeply with others on a variety of levels – mental, spiritual, and emotional."


Cheryl Deer | Master Yoga Teacher

"Morgan is far and away the most passionate, knowledgeable yoga instructor that I have every practiced with. She is genuinely and uniquely dedicated to this art form."



"While there are numerous characteristics that define a dedicated student of yoga perhaps two of the most essential Morgan embodies both naturally and with grace.  These include her sincerity as a seeker to constantly learn, evolve and grow her understanding of the intangible/spiritual dimension of life and her willingness to bring her own uniqueness, perspective and interpretation to this understanding making it creatively her own. It’s through Morgan’s capacity to grasp the deeper teachings intellectually that enables her to assimilate and translate them, as a response to herself as a unique individual and through the lens of her personal experience, in a delivery that is both grounded and authentic. "


Jeremy Wolf | Master Yoga Teacher

Art of Awe

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